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Buckingham Palace refurb will cost UK taxpayers £369 million. Here are 5 things £369 million could pay for….
By Belware Team

Recent reports have revealed that the Queen will receive an enormous £369 million of public money to fund a 10-year-long refurbishment at her London home. This move from the British government was bound to stir up public frustration, especially in a time of austerity and uncertainty.

Here are 5 things that, you might argue, the money could be better spent on.

1) New homes for all the homeless families in Wales

Ok, so this is a pretty bold statement. But, according to the Welsh Government, 2,667 households were assessed as being homeless between April and June 2016. 1,071 of these households are now known to have been housed, which means there may still be around 1,600 families that are homeless in Wales today. If that is the case, £369 million could quite easily pay for permanent family homes for all of these people (if the average family home were to be built at a cost of £230,000).

2) 527 GP’s for the next 10 years

Yep, according to the NHS website, salaried General Practitioners earn a median average pay of about £70,000 per year. And that’s probably the salary of a semi-seasoned practitioner. At the bottom end of the scale, for new salaried GP’s, the royal’s £369 million could see the pay of around 700 new doctors working at our local surgeries covered for the next decade. This doesn’t take into account annual wage rises – but you get the picture.

3) 2,015 trained soldiers every year, for the next decade

According to the MoD, the stating salary of a fully trained British soldier is currently £18,305. Not taking into account the cost of training, or the inevitable rise in this salary over the coming years, the £369 refurb bill could equal the salaries of more than 2,000 new soldiers each year, for the next 10 years.

4) Heating for elderly people in Scotland for the rest of their lives

Bear with us on this… According to official UK data, in cash terms, the average UK annual domestic gas bill (excl. Northern Ireland) in 2015 was between £680 and £760. Let’s assume that homes occupied by people aged 85+ consume two thirds of the household average (which is probably a tad cautious), their annual bill for 2015 would have been somewhere in the region of £480. The Scottish Government estimated that there were 115,807 people aged 85 and over in 2015. Assuming now that 50% of these people live together, the number of homes occupied by people aged 85+ would be 86,885. So, (finally) at a cost of £480 per year for each of the 86,885 households, the annual gas bill for Scotland’s over 85s would have been around £41.7 million last year. £369 million could then, in theory, cover the gas bills of these households for just under 9 years. And, since the average life expectancy in Scotland is below 85 for both men and women, it’s not illogical (though, perhaps a bit morbid) to suggest that the money earmarked for Buckingham Palace could cover heating costs for the most vulnerable in Scotland for the rest of their lives.

5) Feed 2,500 families for the next 10 years

We’ll end with an easy one - £369 million could feed a family of 4, on a shopping budget of £40 per day, for the next 10 years - 2,500 times over!

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