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What Is The Cost Of Intolerance
By Belware Team

I don’t like to think of myself as incredibly liberal – though I believe that that, in itself, is born out of the fear of intolerance. Societies biases have led us to fear the sides we have picked – the same biases that have led us to ‘pick sides’ in the first place. But, the idea that it is somehow unacceptable not to pick a side and remain on it when it comes to any issue, be it social or political, is a notion which I find most unsettling. I’m not on the right. I’m not on the left. I’m not even in the middle.

The Cost

Intolerance has always been alive amongst civilizations, from the tyranny of the Egyptian pharaoh to the genocide of Jews in the 1940’s. Intolerance has never been a force for good in the World, yet it still prevails in modern society and is so deliberately apparent. Take Brexit. The idea that the Britain would leave the European Union was one of immense controversy and narrowmindedness (on both sides). Those that wanted to leave were accused of racism and intolerance, ironically, by a remain culture that was equally as intolerant of the opposing views. More recently, we experienced a, perhaps, more divisive culture in the form of a US Presidential campaign. Wherever your allegiance lay on the subject, you cannot deny the utter bigotry that existed in the run up to the Trump ‘victory’ – and most of it didn’t come from the candidates, but from spectators spouting their unyielding views on every corner of social media. And, whilst much of this was born of the rhetoric from each side, none of it made the process any more conducive. What both these events had in common was that neither presented a simple question or answer. Take Brexit, where members of the public were asked to make a decision that ultimately required them to understand the unknown! – no one knew what the exact outcome might have been (even those who’d claimed to). And because of this, people who had made their mind up had to come up with a compelling argument for their chosen side. So they chose bigotry. Leavers were taught to chant psalms of sovereignty and freedom, whilst remainers were handed right to label leavers as old, uneducated and prejudiced. But, despite the immense intolerance born of both these events, they merely highlighted the deep-rooted bigotry that exists in our society every day.

Intolerance exists when a person is not free to practice his/her religion, without fear of persecution by their host nation. It also exists when a native of that host nation is abused for expressing concern about an unanticipated shift in cultural values, as a result of uncontrolled immigration. Both people deserve the right to express themselves and their views. But, our unwillingness to accept other peoples’ views, beliefs or…. other people, has and will continue to hamper our development as a single world nation. I used to fear that our freedom as human beings, to live, love and express ourselves was going to be destroyed by barriers and intolerance. I now fear that my fear has been realised.

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